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What's LED Epoxy Resin Signs?

LED Epoxy Resin Signs is a revolution of sign making Market.

The LED Epoxy Resin Signs is made up of three major parts: special high polymer material, solid LED cold lamp house, framework.

LED Epoxy Resin Signs

Epoxy Resin Signs' Merit

Lights softer, cheaper than the Acrylic Illuminated Signs.

Various representations with color, brightness, shape and animated. View distance > 2000m in the night. No maintenance expense. Maintaining clear with just water washing.

LED Epoxy Resin Signs

LED Epoxy Resin Signs' Defect

LED Epoxy Resin Signs is unable to repair.

Due to the fact that LED Epoxy Resin Signs are fully sealed.

In one year, if it is not the man-induced damage, we'll send you a new letter.

LED Epoxy Resin Signs

Light Source

LED (light emitting diode)

We mainly use the waterproof piranha LED module(3 lights), with 0.24W and 6500mcd, also we can use the RGB LED.

LED Module
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